An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.
We, at Super Refrigerations have developed Cold Rooms and Mortuary Cabinets which have salient features highlighting their feasibility of use. The features include:
Modular panel is easily disassembled, to enlarge or relocate for future requirement.
Tongue and groove sectional panel locks together quickly and simply, to form virtually any desired walk-in size.
Available in a variety of height and width dimensions' walls, floors, doors frames, door plugs, tee walls, corners & coiling.
Most advanced high quality insulation materials like PUF to assure best insulating efficiency & uniform structure available in 60, 80, 100, 125 mm thickness.
To retain the cooling capacity and freezer space, tee section and vertical panel which are used to partition the walk-in-cold room of space permit, another room could be added to create a dual temperature unit.
The posi-seal closure cushions the closing movement, shuts the door noiselessly and keeps it firmly closed thus avoiding the cooling loss.
Sweep gaskets are used for air tight seal along the bottom of the door with a double sweep, which remains flexible under various temperature extremes and continual use.
Temperature Range: -80º c to + 100º c
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